Motorboat Galvanic Issues

A simple haul out of my own Fairline on Monday lead to a bit of a surprise! As the hoist lifted the vessel, the port prop was obviously very pink!

Surface corrosion to propeller.

After closer inspection, there was no damage to the edges of the blades, nor had the prop suffered badly as the majority of the pink cleaned off with a Scotch Brite pad on a grinder. The prop also “rang” when tapped with a stone, so luckily hadn’t become completely damaged.

The next surprise was to see the starboard shaft damaged!

Lumps eaten away and a “burn” mark around the area.
Another burn mark within the P bracket.

There had been no damage to the port shaft whatsoever, nor any damage to the starboard propeller. An investigation is currently underway as to the cause of this, as when the vessel was launched last year, there was not a mark on any of the stern gear, so all damage has happened within the last 9 months.

Luckily being based at a full service boatyard, nothing should be an issue!